Dulux Colour of The Year 2020

 So it's official, Tranquil Dawn is the chosen Dulux Colour that will shape your decor In 2020!

September saw the highly anticipated announcement of Dulux's colour of the year for 2020. Inspired by the dawn horizon soft, calm and nuturing - Tranquil Dawn sits somewhere between green, blue and grey and it's sure to become a timeless classic.

So how did Dulux arrive at Tranquil Dawn for 2020?

Every Year Dulux paint specialists assemble a team of top international design experts from a range of industries to discuss global trends that will affect us. They work to transform these insights into one inspirational key colour that they hope will impact our homes in the year ahead.

According to Dulux: '2020 is the start of a new decade, Its a fresh start. A new Dawn. In an increasingly hectic and digital world, there is a desire for meaning and kindness. So inspired by colours of the morning sky, our colour experts have created an inspiring new shade, Tranquil Dawn.'

An incredibly versatile soft green, grey, blue shade that seems to shift tones depending on what you pair it with. A very liveable, safe shade that is definitely intentional to provide a quiet stability in an uncertain, busy world. 

The desire to reconnect with nature and humankind in our rapidly advancing tech society has been one of the biggest influences in selecting this calming green tone for 2020. 

 Lets explore the palettes

Tranquil Dawn is a very versatile shade, perhaps one of the easiest to use to date. As with every colour launch Dulux have put together their key colour palettes to help create a range of moods / interior styles based on the colours you combine it with. 

These colour palettes have certainly got us inspired. We have put together 4 mini mood boards that incorporate Dulux's palettes and lifestyle shots with our McAlister Textiles products to help inspire you to introduce elements of Tranquil Dawn Into your home. What colour palette would best suit your style?

Dulux Colour Palette 1: A Home for Care 

According to Dulux, Tranquil Dawn is at the heart of this sophisticated, soft neutral and pale pastel room, with an air of understated luxury. 

Using Tranquil Dawn with soft, sandy tones creates a relaxed and nurturing space for focusing on wellbeing and positive interactions. Comforting fabrics, cushions and throws and mood-boosting indoor plants complete this light and airy look.

Lifestyle Images and Colour Palette Courtesy of Dulux

McAlister Textile Products from left to right: Herringbone Duck Egg Blue Made to Measure Curtains, Caramel Matt Velvet Draught Excluder, Elva Blush Pink 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Rhumba Lilac Purple 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Bloom Linen Look Floral Decorative Throw,Bloom Linen Look Roman Blind & Petrol Blue Matt Velvet Circular Foot Stool.


Dulux Colour Palette 2: A Home for Play 

According to Dulux, In this vibrant, confident Palette - Tranquil Dawn stands out as the calming pastel shade that is used to bring a greater depth to the look. With fun pops of colour, bright furniture and playful accessories, the mood is upbeat and sunny.

Lifestyle Images and Colour Palette Courtesy of Dulux

McAlister Textile Products from left to right: Colorado Yellow Made to Measure Curtains, Herringbone Boutique Duck Egg Blue Draught Excluder, Vita Terracotta Printed 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Elva Geometric Terracotta 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Charcoal Grey Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Rust Red Matt Velvet Roman Blind, Herringbone Boutique Red Doorstop, & Ochre Yellow Matt Velvet Foot Stool


 Dulux Colour Palette 3: A Home for Meaning

Dulux believe, this peaceful palette is the perfect antidote to modern living, as the everyday hustle and bustle has been pared back to the beautifully simple essentials. Paint walls in Tranquil Dawn and combine with unfussy accessories and elemental materials including linen, wood and marble, left in their natural state, to create a room for rest and renewal. Simple, serene, minimal style. 

Lifestyle Images and Colour Palette Courtesy of Dulux

McAlister Textile Products from left to right: Elva Beige Grey Geometric Made to Measure Curtains, Charcoal Grey Matt Velvet Draught Excluder, Colorado Geometric Natural Taupe 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Herringbone Duck Egg Blue 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Silver Grey Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Herringbone Boutique Duck Egg Blue Door Stop, Rhumba Lilac Purple Roman Blind & Deluxe Beige Matt Velvet Cube Foot Stool


Dulux Colour Palette 4: A Home for Creativity

According to Dulux, Tranquil Dawn takes on a calming role in this palette, providing a pale contrast shade that brings balance to a space that is dominated by richer, more saturated, autumnal colours.

Tranquil Dawn is the perfect companion when used like a neutral to create a more intense, expressive atmosphere. Following the trend for darker walls and sumptuous velvet fabrics you can add plenty of personality with floral and leaf patterned accessories and quirky vintage pieces to create a space that is a warm and inviting backdrop to lively gatherings.

Lifestyle Images and Colour Palette Courtesy of Dulux

McAlister Textile Products from left to right:  Palm Leaf Velvet Made to Measure Curtains,Teal Blue Matt Velvet Draught Excluder, Caramel Matt Velvet Cushion 43cm x 43cm, Bloom Linen Look Floral Cushion 43cm x 43cm, Rocco Purple Faux Silk Cushion 43cm x 43cm,Moss Green Matt Velvet Roman Blind, Duck Egg Herringbone Boutique Door Stop & Heritage Mulberry Purple Circular Foot Stool.

So what is our final verdict?

Tranquil Dawn may feel like a safe colour choice for some, but for us, we love how commercial and usable this colour is. It wont take much to imagine this soft pastel shade as an easy update in our own homes, whether it's used on walls, window treatments or accessories, It's not loud or shouty - Its simple and calming. The four very different palettes prove that it can translate perfectly across all interior styles.

Another reason we love Tranquil Dawn is that we have been huge advocates of 'bringing the outdoors in' when it comes to home decor. The societal shift in the popularity of biophilic design, sustainability and wellness in our lifestyles reinforces that this reconnection with nature is actually becoming more important to us all.

So as we approach a new decade and a period of uncertainty - Tranquil Dawn is the perfect fresh start we all need. 


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