Hot Trend: French Cafe Curtains

The key to any successful interior design scheme is research, research, research - looking into all the latest looks, trends and ideas that have come to the fore, as well as those that are expected to prove popular in the near future, so you can work out what you like and what you don’t.

And one very cute little microtrend to have popped up in recent weeks is that of cafe curtains which, as the name might well suggest, were first popularised in quaint cafes and coffee shops - first coming to the fore in 19th century Vienna… so perfect if you’re going for a truly continental look at home.

The curtains themselves are far shorter than other drapes you would hang in your house and they’re perhaps best suited to the kitchen, if you’re wondering where to put them. They’re perfect for adding interest to large windows and you can have them drawn fully across or held back with ties. 

In terms of fabric, you would most often see cafe curtains made from a lighter material, so that natural light can come through it and create a really beautiful soft glow - perfect for when you’re sitting in your kitchen, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and well-deserved cup of coffee with the paper on a Sunday morning.

What they’re not designed for is to provide you with any real level of privacy, because they’re so short and because they’re typically hung on a rod in the middle of your window, rather than at the top. So bear this in mind if you don’t want the neighbours peeping in while you’re busying yourself at home.

Of course, you don’t have to go for lighter fabric if you’d rather something a little more dramatic and one way to give the trend a nod but still inject a bit of individuality is to use something heavier such as velvet, which would be particularly dramatic and add a touch of luxury to your breakfast nook.

And don’t forget that you can also embellish these curtains very easily indeed, whether you decide you want a lace trim, some colourful pom poms, fun ruffles, scallops… the only limit is your imagination and this is the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun with your interior design ideas.

You could even put your sewing skills to the test and do some beautiful hand embroidery on your cafe curtains - perhaps some family motifs or something meaningful that you’ll enjoy for years to come. You could even add to them over time and create a really fun family heirloom to be passed down for generations.

Are cafe curtains your style, do you think? Give us a shout to let us know your feelings on this one! And, of course, if you’re looking for curtain fabric at the moment to make your own curtains, you know we’ve got you covered in this regard, as well!

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