Our Guide To Buying Made to Measure Roman Blinds

Choosing the right window treatment is not always an easy decision. Not only are there so many styles and fabrics to choose from, but if you throw an odd shaped window into the equation it becomes even more difficult. However, with a little bit of understanding and some style inspiration this decision can be an easy one. Here is our guide to buying the perfect made to measure Roman Blind.

Firstly, set aside some time to understand what you want. Window dressing can be costly so you want to make the right decision. Is colour the most important aspect for you? It may be that your blinds need to fit into your already well decorated room. Or maybe your making your blind the show stopper in your home, in which case you can let your imagination run wild.

Roman Blind should be looked upon as an investment. It is not the cheapest window treatment available but it is certainly the most stylish and the top choice amongst many interior designers. Roman Blinds, with their attractive soft folds, are also very easy to use.

So next, choose your fabric: At UK Curtain and Interiors we offer asample service which is quick and simple. Simply browse through our outstanding collection of fabrics and make a short list of your favourite ones.

Remember to look at the fabrics in the room or rooms you will be using them in, and at different times of day as the appearance can change depending on the lighting. A good idea is to pin the swatches to the wall and see which one fits your room. Take your time and gradually you will narrow down your choices and find the fabrics that's right for you.

Next you need to measure your window for your blind. Once you have your measurements and have decided on your fabric, the rest is easy. Simply head to our Roman Blind section. Find your chosen fabric, click to select it and you will be taken to our Roman Blind calculator page.

Here you simply enter the measurements of your Roman Blind, your quote will instantly appear on screen and then it's just a matter of clicking on the buy it now button, from here we will do the rest. Your Roman Blinds will be made to your specific requirements and delivered to your door.

If you do have an oddly-shaped window or you need more than one blind, this is not a problem. We are experienced at making blinds that match each other perfectly, and can even get around those awkward window spaces which homes often have.

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