Tips For Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Retreat


A space to relax on lazy mornings, sometimes for working but mostly a place to get a good nights rest, bedrooms need to be functional but also encourage feelings of relaxation and comfort. A bedroom is your sanctuary so it could be said that it is the most important area in your home. There is a wealth of inspiration from magazines and the internet for bedroom design but when planning your space there are some principles you should bear in mind. Read on for our tips on how to create your perfect bedroom retreat.


Choose a bed to reflect your vision for the room


The most important piece of furniture is the bed. Think carefully about the shape and size of your room to determine the type and size of bed it can accommodate. The bed will pull the entire scheme together so choose a style of bed that fits with the look you are trying to achieve. If you're looking for a clean minimal look consider a simple wooden frame. If you want something more luxe, opt for an upholstered style. Divan style beds with build in under-bed storage are a great option for smaller spaces.

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Carefully consider the wall colour

Your wall colour should communicate the overall feel of the bedroom so think about the effect you are looking for when choosing colours. If you're after something dramatic a dark steel grey, deep blue or emerald green will create a bold style statement.


If you want to evoke a calmer neutral feel work with softer lighter tones. You may want to infuse energy into your room in which case look at bright reds, oranges and yellows to add more vivid eye catching colour.  


Use throws and runners to layer and add texture

Throws are a great way to add textural interest or a pop of colour to bring a scheme together, whilst also offering a practical benefit for an added layer of warmth. Quilted designs and velvet throws provide a luxurious look but you may prefer simple textures for a more natural feel. If you are looking purely for a decorative feature, bed runners offer a perfect alternative for adding design, colour or textural elements to otherwise plain bed linen.

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Make your bed look inviting with decorative cushions

The number of cushions to use will depend on the size of your bed but consider at least 2 and up to 7 for a grouping on the bed. With king size beds you may find you need some  larger 60cm x 60cm cushions to replicate the sense of scale. Play around with different sizes and shapes using larger square cushions at the back and layering with smaller more decorative pillows towards the front. Cushions are also a perfect opportunity to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral scheme.

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Add bolster pillows for a luxurious boutique hotel look

Bolster pillows can really add that feeling of luxury associated with stylish hotel rooms. Team sophisticated bolsters with crisp white bed linen and colour accents to make your bed the centre of attention.

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McAlister Bolster pillows are available in a range of designs but our bespoke service means that you can create the perfect bolster cushion for your room from any combination of our fabrics. Contact us for more details or to get a quote.

Invest in Blackout Curtains or Blinds

Adding Curtains or Blinds with blackout linings blocks out the light which help you to avoid being woken by daylight penetrating the room. Blackout curtains are especially helpful in the summer for this reason but they're also perfect for those who work shifts or lead a nocturnal existence! McAlister Textiles Curtains and Blinds are made to order so once you have selected from our wide range of fabrics you can select whether you prefer standard or blackout lining and get an instant quote online.

As the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, you should  focus on this first when designing a home. It's the room you wake up in and so should fill you with joy however you choose to style it. 

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