Top 5 Tips For Spring Cleaning & How To Make Sure It Sparks Joy

Spring cleaning isn’t just about decluttering your home – it’s about decluttering your mind. As cleaning guru Marie Kondo once said: "Discard everything that does not spark joy." Here's our advice on how you can follow in her footsteps when spring cleaning this year...

Why Is Spring Cleaning Needed?

Spring is traditionally the season of new beginnings, of freshness and light. It makes sense to declutter your home and get rid of anything that no longer suits you at the start of a new season and a new year. We tend to accumulate a lot of things over the festive period, be it gifts, food, or even things like wrapping paper and bags. Spring is also a perfect time to look through any storage areas and get rid of anything that isn’t required any longer.

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What Are The Benefits Of Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to give your home a new lease of life. The physical activity of cleaning your home, paired with the end result of a more organised living space helps make us feel good. 

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What Is The Best Way To Plan, Mobilise, And Action Your Spring Clean?

One good way to plan your spring cleaning is to make a list of each room you’d like to tackle, along with the different tasks within the room. This can either be divided into sections within the room itself (e.g. games cupboard, bookcase, coffee table) or by task. So you might have a list of individual actions such as decluttering, dusting, mopping, etc. Either method is beneficial, as the simple act of ticking off one item after the other will keep you motivated.


Top 5 Tips For Spring Cleaning

1. Time it right.
Spring cleaning can be overwhelming if you try to do too much in one day – but it can also be really enjoyable if you space out the various tasks. Try to do a room per day, for example, and take the process slow.

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2. Bin or recycle.
As Marie Kondo said, discard anything that no longer makes you happy (or is useful). Prepare bags or boxes for items you’re either recycling, throwing away, or donating, and fill them accordingly.

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3. Treat yourself to some new cleaning products.
Spring is the best time for lovely, fresh scents, so why not try a new kitchen or bathroom spray, or a new fabric softener?

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4. Air out your home.
Choose reasonably dry days to spring clean your house and open the windows. This is both better for your health and your home, as it ensures no damp can build up anywhere.

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5. Get your family involved.
There’s nothing wrong with dividing up a few simple chores amongst your family. For example, kids love to help, so giving them little tasks, such as dusting their toys with their own cloth can be a great learning and bonding experience

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